Our culture glides on the surface of things: light, fast, unnatural, superficial, conflictual. Our lives are hyperreal; they are themed, spectacular, illusionary. Concepts turn into alibis; idees-fixes mirror trends. Life without objections. We move in networks where relations between nodes have seemingly become unconditional, condition-less. This is a one-dimensional network, a cloud, in which all centers collide in a nucleus of individuality, the capsule’s capsule, and inside everyone continuously pimps, remixes, recollects and represents their own identity. In an accelerated world of prefiguration and project realization, the relation between the render, as a visual translation of the imagined into the real, and the physical world blurs. We describe this contemporary state as one of r a d i c a l s a t u r a t i o n. Social media reshape processes and discourse in architecture, as well as the general environment in which architects live and work. Architects are surface makers. Images are our product, our mental universe, our theoretical landscape. The rendered image is architecture’s bottom line product and the blogosphere harbors its shipwrecks. The rendering’s sad, anticlimactic twin is its unrealizable promise. To deal with this, Radical Saturation can strategically be coined both as a condition of surface culture and as a method for surface-making. In order to know radical saturation, you have got to become Radical Saturation. Fight fire with fire?