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PARADIGM WEEKLY How do we connect the so-called thorough practice of incremental conceptual work with the seemingly ominous but very pervasive culture of the (scroll)surface?
What’s a S N O W F L A K E gotta do? What millennial ways of enquiry and action can be invented, recognised or embraced to work in our time?
Paradigm Weekly is an elective studio, focused on the complex impact of contemporary visual culture on architectural practice. Students will produce a series of fast and speculative design projects, generating the design of the collective itself. The collective executes a SPEED TRIP: a field trip performing the research in existing places and situations. The studio undertakes a deep experiment with strategies of surrender and subversion, in order to devise alternative modes of practice for architects to exist at the surface that is today’s context. We will learn to operate behind a mask, not to hide, but affording ourselves the flexibility of a persona, to explicitly provoke and explore, in order to learn. Going public is part of the experiment, for architecture and its culture exist only in their mediations. The studio is thus a performance, acting is learning, playing is questioning. We must immerse, surrender, undo and camouflage. From there we can subvert.

Excerpt from "RADICAL SATURATION - Untitled States of Doom", Pieterjan Ginckels (2018)